This is only a summary of the license. The legal text contains the terms of the license.


This license was previously known as the Reciprocal Noncommercial-Free License.

Hybrid Open License

You can use and share the material as long as you:

  1. Give credit.
    • In most cases, simply providing a link to the original is enough credit. (Specifically, the original has to include a link to this license, or you can include one yourself.)
  2. Choose one of the two options described below.

Option A: Noncommercial

You can use the work for noncommercial purposes.

This license takes its definition of “noncommercial” from the Creative Commons licenses. Creative Commons has a page about its meaning here. One thing in particular to note is that “noncommercial” describes the use, not the user: Both for-profit and non-profit entities can use the material for noncommercial purposes.

Option B: Commercial

You can use the material for commercial purposes, but you must release your own work that includes it under this license.

Note: You can choose this option even if you don’t use the material for commercial purposes, in order to give others the possibility of commercial use.